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FRETPAL is a brand-new and highly innovative guitar application for both new, intermediate and advanced guitar players. 

By way of a colourful and highly user-friendly interface, the application shows you how to navigate the guitar fretboard both VERTICALLY and DIAGONALLY – enabling you to master the WHOLE of the guitar fretboard in next to no time.

Many other guitar courses, applications, books and videos profess that they will teach you how to master the “WHOLE” fretboard. 

However, in reality, few of them go anywhere near doing that – most of them merely show you the same standard vertical positional CAGED patterns (that you can find EVERYWHERE else) and the will happily take your hard-earned money, leaving you without the skills you REALLY need to master the whole of the guitar fretboard.

The CAGED system for playing scales is a reasonable enough starting point. 

However, one of its biggest limitations is that the system ignores the fact that scales can also be played in a far more useful DIAGONAL direction. 

Once you have learned the CAGED system, you quickly realise that its BOX PATTERNS are severely limiting, and to really progress, you need to be able to somehow join up all of these vertical scale patterns so you can play ALL OVER the fretboard at will.

 If you haven’t found a workable system for doing this you will probably feel like you are stuck in a rut.


The amazing FRETPAL app has been painstakingly developed to show you where every relative diatonic chord/chord inversion, their associated scales and arpeggio patterns can be found all over the whole fretboard by updating and extending the CAGED system to include DIAGONAL scales that cover much more of the guitar fretboard giving you far greater flexibility and variety in your playing style.

FRETPAL lets you quickly discover how to play individually tailored scales for root position/inverted chords – the app also gives you ONE CLICK access to 2 note, alternating 2-3 note and 3 note per string scale variations – you will also be able to easily find, compare and contrast ENHARMONIC (containing the same notes) root position and inverted chords/arpeggios and have a ONE CLICK access to their associated scales. 


Sadly, there are too many guitar players who use only one scale pattern over a complete chord progression (often this is one very easy CAGED minor pentatonic pattern) which when used in isolation, can easily make what they are playing sound boring and repetitive – in many situations, a simple change of scale to match the changing chords can make a HUGE difference – however, many players don’t have either the skills or the knowledge of how to do this. 

The amazing FRETPAL app has a simple system that shows with only ONE CLICK how to smoothly change scale or arpeggio patterns over DIATONIC (within the same musical key) chord progressions whilst staying in the same relative position on the fretboard – with another SINGLE CLICK you can even access “ALTERNATIVE” notes that will spice up your blues or rock playing by swapping between MAJOR AND MINOR TONALITY* – no other guitar application anywhere includes this feature.

 (*This is an advanced technique used by some of the best guitarists in the world.)

FRETPAL is so hugely complex, it took over 20 years to conceive, design and develop – and you will NOT find anything else like it anywhere! 

What’s more is that FRETPAL is designed radically differently to any other guitar application you might have already seen or used.


Most other guitar applications show you how to play scales VERTICALLY with standard positional CAGED scale patterns – FRETPAL will break you free from these limiting positional patterns by showing how to play scales DIAGONALLY as well as VERTICALLY – all up and down the fretboard, giving you a WIDER RANGE AND VARIETY OF NOTES AND ARTICULATIONS to play, which in turn, will give you a more UNIQUE and PERSONALIZED style and sound – you don’t want to sound like “every other” guitarist – right?

FRETPAL is not based on confusing menus or tricky interfaces to navigate and is FULLY interactive – unlike many other guitar applications it allows you rapid access to other DIATONIC chord shapes and scale/arpeggio patterns – most times with only ONE single click.

Unlike many other complicated menu-driven guitar applications, FRETPAL is very SIMPLE and INTUITIVE to use and understand – you will be playing all over the guitar fretboard in no time – exploring new variations and possibilities – you will never feel stuck in a rut playing the same things over and over again – free yourself and supercharge your levels of creativity forever.

You can even run multiple instances of FRETPAL on one device at the same time – this is an incredibly useful and time-saving function for study/comparison purposes – no other guitar application has any similar feature.

FRETPAL assigns a distinctive and unique COLOUR and SHAPE to every note on the guitar fretboard, thereby eliminating any possibility of ambiguity or confusion – to assist you even further, there are even suggested fingerings for every scale, arpeggio or chord voicing – helping you to master the guitar fretboard with ease. 

However, please don’t let the colourful note system and interface get you to thinking that FRETPAL is only for kids and beginners – FRETPAL is a serious learning and reference tool with a HUGE amount of information that will serve you for a lifetime of guitar playing.


PART ONE of the FRETPAL app will cover all MAJOR/MINOR PENTATONIC AND BLUES SCALES** in all 15 commonly used musical keys – (12+3 enharmonic).

The first chapter of PART ONE is now available and contains the key of C MAJOR and its relative minor key of A MINOR only – if you buy FRETPAL now, the app will be regularly updated as the coding for the other keys has been developed. 

(NOTE – you make a ONE-TIME PAYMENT and will receive ALL the updates).

(**WARNING – there are far too many guitarists who are highly critical of major and minor pentatonic scales because they feel that they are “overly-used and boring” – this is usually because many people only know and use one simple CAGED pattern which ultimately makes everything they play sound the same – please, do not make this mistake – PART ONE of the FRETPAL app will show you that major and minor pentatonic scales can be amazingly versatile – please do not dismiss them!).

PART TWO of the FRETPAL app will cover the MODES OF THE MAJOR SCALE in all the commonly used musical keys (see above) and you will also be introduced to the exciting world of MODAL PENTATONICS***.

(***These are relatively “unknown” scales – a few of them are sometimes used by the finest players in the world and can give you both unique and exotic flavours to your playing – this is your chance to find out how you can play something different from most other players and stand out from the crowd).

(PART TWO of FRETPAL is a separately paid upgrade and will be combined with PART ONE to form one fully integrated application and will be available ONLY to buyers/registered users of PART ONE). 


Too many guitarists end up playing the same patterns over and over again and eventually run out of ideas.

Don’t be a mundane player – this is your chance to change that and become a great player – not some time in the distant future – right now!

So let me ask you – are you ready to not just merely take your playing to the next level – but take a quantum leap and propel it into the next dimension?

If you are serious about mastering the guitar, why not download the free trial and see what FRETPAL can do to vastly improve your guitar playing?

Whether you are a complete newbie – or a seasoned veteran you should realize by now that FRETPAL is a must have tool – even most advanced players understand that there is ALWAYS something new to learn.

FRETPAL is your ultimate fully interactive scale, chord and arpeggio dictionary which can be there at your fingertips any time you need it.

You can get it all “under your fingers” starting from now.

Don’t wait any longer – download the free trial today!


For a LIMITED time only, you will get a massive introductory discount off the full price.

For the amount of time and work that went into developing FRETPAL, the price is stupidly cheap – get it now before I come to my senses and double the price (at least!).

This is your chance to snap up PART ONE of this amazing app for less than the price of a standard one hour guitar lesson. 

Have a look at the free trial – do you think that you could learn as much in a measly one hour lesson?

FRETPAL is for WINDOWS devices with a minimum resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels.

Any thoughts, suggestions or questions?

Contact us via the FACEBOOK or TWITTER links below.

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